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Antillean Market & Snack Place


263 blvd. Brien, REPENTIGNY, J6A 6S4. TEL: 450-581-9455

Antillean Market & Snack Place

The Charm of Antilleans Villa, the combination of a traditional and modern lifestyle, in a friendly and diverse space. The Willmar, Market and Antilleans Snack, welcomes you and invites you to enjoy its specialties for lunch and dinner every day.

Our passion for cooking was handed down from our parents and grandparents, with whom we have spent much of our childhoods. As Haitians living in Montreal, we offer a unique perspective by mixing traditional Haitian cuisine delights with different cultures in the city. With this approach we would like to offer you a unique experience, guaranteed to your satisfaction.


The Willmar offers a simple décor focused around the Caribbean culture. With its popular cuisine and friendly owners, you will spend snack time, in the West Indies . If our meal has given you the urge to reproduce that cooking at home; West Indian, Latin and African produce is available at the Market next door.

Various Meats dominate the menu, especially chicken and pork that can be found all across the Caribbean. Dishes such as the Griot (pork marinated, boiled and fried) and Chicken Creole, alongside spicy meat for everyone.

Good news for sensitive taste buds: just mention the desired degree of spice and the dish will be adjusted to your liking.

Catering Services



Distinguished Catering in Repentigny! In Willmar, everything is prepared with ingredients and top quality products, carefully selected from reputable suppliers. A rule to which the owners never depart.

This is where you will find all the products prepared on site in the following areas:


  • Choice of hot and cold menus where you need it: at home, in the office, at the factory
  • In the room of your choice with or without service
  • China ware rental or disposable serving cutlery

Every day, the Willmar Caribbean prepares for a multitude of tasty dishes.

Call us to reserve a date or simply to inquire about more details.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.





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